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Where Drugs Often Merit Death, Singapore Ministries Offer New Life

More than 70 percent of the country’s inmates are jailed for drug-related offenses. Christian groups seek to help them reenter society. Freddy Wee, the deputy …

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Gen Z Christians Want Leaders to Keep It Real

That means dropping the façade and admitting their own struggles. As Generation Z teens grow up, many are moving further away from Christian faith and …

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These 3 Japanese Christian Women Changed Their Country

Meet an early evangelist, an education reformer, and a preacher who held Bible studies with the royal family. Christianity arrived in Japan in 1549 through …

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Criminal Or Not, Trump’s Case is a Moral Test for Christians

The former president’s potential arrest shows that character does matter. This piece was adapted from Russell Moore’s newsletter. Subscribe here. As I write this, I …

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Junia, The Female Apostle Imprisoned for Preaching the Gospel

What Scripture tells us about the story of this ‘outstanding’ Jewish woman in chains. About a decade ago, when my family was on vacation in …

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Hillsong Says It Is Moving Forward

New revelations will require increased accountability, but pastor wants to look to the future. Phil Dooley, the new global senior pastor of Hillsong Church, has …

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Christians, Stop ‘Giving Up God’ for Lent

In an age of functional atheism, ‘tis the season for traditional fasting and prayer. “I’m giving up God for Lent,” said the post on my …

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Dante Bowe Navigates Worship in the Spotlight

After leaving Maverick City Music, the singer is launching his own label focused on authenticity in a field increasingly crowded by celebrity. Grammy Award–winning worship …

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Blog Post

Unstoppable: God Be for Us, So Who Can Be Against Us? #defend #life #beto … the Lord be for us, who can be against us? Ours is to serve God. Jehovah will defend His interest in our lives. If …

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christian unity

Christian Unity Is Needed to Confront Persecution

Christian unity can bring positive change; let’s join hands against the adversary. Persecution of Christians is on the horizon. It was reported this week on …

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God’s children pay attention and care for others around them. God bless them in return. #payattention #careforothers #kidz … Caring for others is an essential component of human nature. It is a fundamental expression of empathy and compassion that connects us to one …

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A Courageous Mind

We need a courageous mind as we journey through life Courage is a trait that is necessary for those who wish to achieve their goals …

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Primary Goal of Jesus

A Goal in Mind -Jesus cared more than you think You’re saved for a reason more important than any earthly treasure. While Jesus will bring …

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Deal with Yourself!

Self-Improvement for Success – Deal with it! Deal with yourself, and let God handle other things for you. Stop fighting ghost enemies; fight the “enemy …

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March 25 – Leaders Must Fear God

The unified Israelites divided into two nations after the death of Solomon. The two nations formed are Israel and Judah, and their rulers were wicked. …

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March 24 – Christians Must Spread The Gospel

Some early believers were trapped in traditions and they misconceived Christianity as a religion that must be practiced within Jewish boundaries only. However, Peter broke …

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March 23 – Do Not Heed Wrong Counsels

Rehoboam followed wrong counsels and lost more than half of the massive kingdom he inherited from his father Solomon. Rehoboam rejected mature counsels from his …

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March 22 – All The Glory Belongs To God

Every servant of God must prioritize humility so that God can be glorified, and so that people can be challenged to serve God. Peter (in …

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March 21 – Prayer Is The Christian Staff

David refused to rely on man’s help during a crisis but he cried to God for help, and he delivered him. During crisis David said, …

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March 20 – Jesus Is God

The existence of Jesus Christ did not begin at the manger when Mary physically gave birth to him, he had been in long existence before …

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March 19 – Put Your Trust In Him

David punished some fellows that killed King Saul’s son Ishbosheth. He refused to meet their reward expectations for helping him to attack his enemies. Instead …

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March 18 – The Finished Work Of Salvation

Jesus Christ explained the necessity of his suffering and death. His death was meant to open a pathway for sinners to receive forgiveness of their …

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