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Southwestern Seminary President Resigns

The successor to Paige Patterson cites “reputational, legal, and financial realities” as he moves on to an IMB role. Adam Greenway has resigned as president …

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COVID-19 Church Restrictions Justified, New Zealand Court Rules

Twenty-four pastors and one imam lose argument that the rules designating worship “high risk” violated their religious rights. New Zealand’s High Court has ruled that …

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Died: Herb Lusk II: ‘Praying Tailback’ Who Gave Up Football for Ministry

First NFL player to kneel and thank Jesus in the end zone said caring for souls and helping people in poverty were more meaningful than …

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I Could Sing This Bridge Forever, If It’s an Antiphon

Modern worship music can seem awfully simple. But it has a vital role to play, especially when paired with Scripture. If you spend any amount …

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We Still Need the Nuclear Family

Married parents and their kids have a calling that needs to be expanded, not obliterated. In pockets of Western Protestant culture, the image of a …

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The Rise of the Evangelical Heretic

Even among the faithful, Christian orthodoxy has taken a backseat to cultural and political tribalism. As my colleague Stefani McDade reported earlier this week, Lifeway …

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At Gracepoint Ministries, ‘Whole-Life Discipleship’ Took Its Toll

As the predominantly Asian American church network expands to dozens of college towns, former members come forward with claims of spiritual abuse. Gracepoint Church checks …

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Beyond Bolsonaro and Lula: How Brazil’s Evangelicals Should Vote

Five Christian leaders weigh the factors they hope are guiding the church as it prepares for the October presidential election. Since the start of Brazil’s …

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Acts – The Church of Christ to Maintain Its Traditional Values (Passage: Acts 20) Value preserves! Apostle Paul admonished the church to keep its traditional …

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Luke – The Gospel – Commission for Christians (Passage: Luke 9) The preaching of the gospel is not optional for the believers of Jesus Christ. …

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God Hates Idol Worship: Christians Steer Clear (Passage: 2 Kings 10) King Jehu chose to take a drastic decision amidst his disinterested citizens. The king …

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Don’t Fake It!

Need God than physical strength No one makes it by physical strength. You need God! Except the Lord builds the house, the laborers are building …

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Life Reflection

Mentorship through life reflection It’s never too late to start to impact someone’s life- Your best value! Everyone looks up to receive something from God, …

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Happy Me

Being Happy- Is Possible! A child of God will have peace and confidence to declare, “It is possible!” Solution indeed comes from God, but why …

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September 27 – Servants Of God Must Be Faithful

Apostle Paul exhorted the Thessalonians and said “For our exhortation did not come from error or uncleanness, nor was it in deceit. But as we …

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September 26 – Sure Victory For The Faithful Christian

It is pleasant to be a good man and a good woman. The scripture explained, “A good man (and woman) deals graciously and lends; he …

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September 25 – Hold Fast The Word Of God

Paul explained the importance of God’s word (both in Logos and Rhema context). He said, “ For our gospel did not come to you in word …

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September 24 – God Is Great And Greatly To Be Praised

All people should praise God; we should learn from a psalmist that stated, “Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, You are …

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September 23 – God Will Reward You Fully For Your Service

Children of God are challenged to avoid idol worship. No one is allowed to carve an image to represent God, and no one must worship …

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September 22 – God Is Above All

It is an affirmative proclamation to say “The Lord reigns; let the peoples tremble! He dwells between the cherubim; Let the earth be moved!” (Psalm …

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September 21 – We Need Unwavering Faith To Walk With God

Berea Christians accurately proved the true meaning of Christianity, and they set good examples for other people to follow. The scripture reported, “These (Bereans) were …

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September 28 – God Or Idol?

We Christians are not serving an unknown god, but we are serving a known God who dwells in heaven and reigns on earth. The scripture …

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