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Religious Freedom Ambassador Nominee Goes Before Senate

Rashad Hussain, who would be the first Muslim to hold the position, is seen as a defender of religious minorities including Christians around the world. …

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100 Years After Ireland’s Divide, Church Cooperation Is Better Than Ever

Despite historic clashes, Roman Catholic and Protestant leaders have come together during the pandemic around Brexit, the legacy of the Troubles, and other issues that …

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Afghan Muslims Are Asking Questions. These Christians Are Ready to Answer.

From sharing online messages about Jesus to serving in resettlement communities, church leaders approach this missional moment with prayer and patience. Mike Christian and his …

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A Court Win for One Pro-Life Med Student Raises Concerns for Others

In Canada, Christians who want to be doctors have questions about religious liberty and their right to express unpopular opinions on social media. Evangelical med …

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Worried Christians ‘Wait and See’ After Sudan Coup

With believers unable to communicate, international advocates weigh in on how the Sudanese church—buoyed by recent religious freedom gains—considers the military seizure of power. Amid …

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The Paradox of Playfulness

Christians can engage in whimsy not because life is easy, but because life is difficult. In the early 1980s, my grandfather was diagnosed with a …

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Haiti Gang Threatens to Kill Kidnapped Missionaries over Million Dollar Ransoms

Christian Aid Ministries asks for prayer as families of 16 Americans and one Canadian state, “God has given our loved ones the unique opportunity to …

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T4G Conference Will End in 2022

With another cofounder leaving, Together for the Gospel prepares for its final event. The popular reformed evangelical pastors conference Together for the Gospel (T4G) will …

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You Gain When You Follow God’s Instruction (Passage: Judges 20) A child of God will always have an upper over his enemies when he closely …

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Christians Must Not Neglect A Backslide Christian (Passage: 2 Corinthians 2) Paul encouraged Corinthian brethren to carefully handle fellows who backslide from faith and make …

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Luke – Nature listen to Jesus Christ (Passage: Luke 8) Jesus Christ performed many healing miracles, and he raised dead people; however, he performed some …

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UNLIMITED GOD – PART 1 (podcast)

God is limitless! Your God is unlimited! The enemies may raise their ugly heads, but that does not remove the fact that you have an …

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Relationship (podcast)

What is a relationship? Anything called a relationship must meet certain criteria. The term relationship is to relate, engage, accommodate, give, and accept. For any …

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Torpedo – Part 2 (podcast)

A person that God has stopped using may have proven (through with his attitude) to be bigger than God. God won’t keep using a proud …

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October 27 – Believers Will Be Rewarded

God finalized his judgments over Judah and Israel after he had given them enough rope to pull. Despite all warnings, God’s children persistent in sins; …

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October 26 – The Efficacy Of Prayer

Paul asked his fellow Christians to support him in prayers so that he could have the strength needed to keep propagating the gospel. Paul requested, …

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October 25 – Trust God Always

People of Judah persecuted Prophet Jeremiah for speaking out the mind of God. The abuse forced the prophet to have an inner battle and consider …

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October 24 – The End Will Soon Come

The scripture encouraged Christians to focus on the eternal joy that is awaiting them in heaven. We must focus on Jesus Christ and not be …

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October 23 – Be Humble

All people are nothing but breakable clay in the hands of their potter. God is the potter and we are the clay. He has autonomous …

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October 22 – Stand Fast In The Doctrine Of God’s Word

Paul advised Christians to stand by true faith and be careful not to get trapped with mere traditions that contribute little or nothing to God’s …

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October 21 – Believe In The Promises Of God

The scriptures warned us not to trust arms of flesh – for they will fail. We are challenged to reserve our trust in God who …

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October 20 – Christ Is The Way To God

Paul explained the person of Jesus Christ and his remarkable strength that became our blessing. Paul said, “He (God) has delivered us from the power …

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