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Evangelical Pro-Lifers Clash Over Criminalizing Abortion

Ahead of a potential ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, Founders Ministries’ Tom Ascol and other “abolitionists” voice opposition to longstanding “incremental” approach, calling for …

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Why Downsizing Evangelical Seminaries Is a Bad Thing

The short-term financial gain of selling a residential campus doesn’t outweigh the long-term loss of embodied community. There is no good news coming from freestanding …

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Exodus, Judges, or Nehemiah: Lebanon’s Evangelicals Assess Surprising Election Victory

Amid a rapidly collapsing nation, Christians hope surge of new politicians opposed to traditional sectarian parties will follow biblical parallels. On the eve of Lebanon’s …

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After Shooting, Churches Navigate China-Taiwan Tensions Under the Surface

While Presbyterian Church in Taiwan has historic ties to the push for independence, most Chinese congregations in the US avoid highlighting the ongoing political polarization. …

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The Gospel Doesn’t Always Have to Come with a House Key

The power of introverted hospitality in an extroverted world of church ministry. Perhaps the most difficult area for me as an introverted Christian woman and …

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Buffalo Pastors Respond to Loss of Community ‘Pillars’

After a mass shooting targeting Black grocery store customers, local Christians consider all they lost. Soon after a white 18-year-old shooter targeted Black customers of …

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Leading Psychologist Bridges Trauma Healing and the Black Church

Incoming American Psychological Association president Thema Bryant’s “psychology for the people” approach is already helping break Christian stigmas around therapy. Thema Bryant’s calling to psychology …

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Gordon-Conwell to Sell Main Campus, Move to Boston

After a decade of enrollment decline, leaders began to see the seminary’s biggest financial asset as a liability. They hope relocation could be the big …

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We Have Much To Gain With God- Through Faith (Passage: Proverbs 24) The practice of exercising faith in God is rewarding. Indeed, it is good …

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God Will Reciprocate Your Love an Obedience God honors those who honor him. He gives chances to those who give him chances in their heart. …

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Be Obedient; Follow God’s Instructions- and Prosper! – Jeremiah

Be Willing To Turn A New Leaf (Passage: Jeremiah 42) God knows how best to lead his children; he corrects and instructs for their benefit. …

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Watch God In Action

You can’t imagine how much God can help you if you are sensitive to other people’s needs. Create a consistent relationship with God and also …

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Forgiveness Is Key

The secret to your deliverance and healing may not be medication; it may be forgiveness. Forgive others, and watch the Lord performing his miracles in …

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UNLIMITED GOD – PART 2 (podcast)

No one can predict the power of an unlimited God. The closer you are to the unlimited God, the more he manifests himself. The size …

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May 20 – Satan Cannot Overcome Believers

Some members of Jesus’ family lost salvation and the miracle opportunities that he offered. Due to familiarity, Jesus’ family found it difficult to accept him …

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May 19 – Acceptable Praise

King David had a lifestyle of composing songs and dancing before God; also love to express his prayers through songs. Meanwhile, in a rare moment, …

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May 18 – Interpret The Bible By God’s Inspiration

The Jews could not get over the fact that Jesus Christ called himself “The Bread of Life,” and they attempted to ridicule him by all …

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May 17 – God Can Use Anyone

The scripture mentioned some of David’s men of valor that did remarkable things in their lifetime. It is recorded, “These are the names of the …

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May 16 – Feeding On Spiritual Meal

People who benefited from Jesus’ miracle of food provisions had shallow minds. They misconceived Jesus as a magician, and they would prefer that he become …

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May 15 – Thanksgiving

King David recounted God’s goodness over his life; he praised God for deliverance and victories over all his enemies. The king composed a special song …

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May 14 – God The Savior

Jesus Christ cared for hungry people; he did not only preach to them, but he also fed them. At least 5,000 people benefited from Jesus’ …

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May 13 – God’s Help Present For His Children

Evil moments came to David’s life; insider enemies surrounded him, but the man of God knew the right thing to do. He called on God …

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What If It Never Ends? | James Taiwo

A lot is happening in the world today; unfortunately, the worst is yet to come. What happens in the day of trouble?

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Prayer Still Works | James Taiwo | Trumpet Media

“If my people pray, I will hear & heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

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Forgiveness Is Key | James Taiwo | Trumpet Media

Claim your healing by forgiving others

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