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Anglican Division over Scripture and Sexuality Heads South

After Lambeth conference steers bishops to agree to disagree on LGBT clergy and marriages, African conservatives chart a new course. At least 125 Anglican bishops …

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New York City’s Largest Evangelical Church Plans Billion-Dollar Development

The Brooklyn congregation and its pastor A.R. Bernard hope the Jane Jacobs–inspired urban village will be a model for other cities. A. R. Bernard, pastor …

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From the Archives: Elisabeth Elliot’s Devotionals

A selection of the late author’s CT publications. This fall, a recently discovered collection of daily devotionals by Elisabeth Elliot will be published posthumously and …

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Alexander Hamilton Raps His Way to Jesus at Texas Church

Unlicensed production prompts cease-and-desist letter from Broadway musical. When offered a chance to save his soul at a Texas church this past weekend, Alexander Hamilton …

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Elisabeth Elliot’s Lost Manuscript

While searching through old files, radio producers at Back to the Bible discovered an unpublished work written by the late missionary pioneer. When people pass …

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Baby Blues: How to Face the Church’s Growing Fertility Crisis

If current rates continue, most religious communities in America will shrink by more than half within three generations. But nondenominational Christianity might buck the trend. …

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The Hardship Is Plentiful But the Workers Aren’t Few: Evangelicals Unite on Ukraine

20 European groups join as focus shifts to the internally displaced and their long-term trauma. Her mother died of cancer. Her father was killed in …

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Moral Failings in the Pulpit Lead to Moral Injury in the Pews

Church and pastoral abuse can trigger a unique form of PTSD. I first encountered the concept of moral injury during my MDiv program at the …

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Luke – The Gospel – Commission for Christians (Passage: Luke 9)The preaching of the gospel is not optional for the believers of Jesus Christ. They …

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God Hates Idol Worship: Christians Steer Clear (Passage: 2 Kings 10) King Jehu chose to take a drastic decision amidst his disinterested citizens. The king …

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Dare Not Messing With God’s Servants (Passage: Jeremiah 38) Those who serve GOD in any special capacity are servants of God. They mean so much …

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Happy Me

Being Happy- Is Possible! A child of God will have peace and confidence to declare, “It is possible!” Solution indeed comes from God, but why …

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Explicit Growth

(Are you in Love?) Growth is personal; it requires some proactive steps. If you want to grow is between you and God, and you have …

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Tender Mind

Tenderness of mind is the key to success for a child of God. A person with a humble heart will go far and wide and …

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August 10 – Disobedience Leads To Suffering

King Ahab had a huge palace, but he envied Naboth who had a small garden. The greedy and unsatisfied king collaborated with his wife (Jezebel) …

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August 9 – God Is Inestimable, He Has Power Over All Things

A Syrian king and his army underestimated God and believed they could loathe his protective power. After local gods (idols) have failed to earn the …

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August 8 – God Loves The Humble

Youths are encouraged to utilize their fresh knowledge and energy to serve God. An opportunity that any youth has to serve God today may not …

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August 7 – No Segregation With God

Paul transformed from a church persecutor to a church preacher. God saved him while he was traveling to persecute Christians. Paul shared his experience, “I …

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August 6 – Challenges Are Not Permanent

No one should consider repentance as an act of cowardice; it is a show of strength and a symbol of humility! People who are humble …

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August 5 – Evangelism Is Not Based On Convenience

The church at Jerusalem held a conference to determine whether they should exempt non-Jewish Christians from observing Jewish tradition. The conference concluded that it is …

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August 4 – Wickedness Will Eventually Lead To Damnation

Bible assures Christians that they will soon escape the present world crises to be stationed in heaven to enjoy their everlasting benefits. The scripture assures …

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August 3 – Evangelism Is Priority For All Believers

Saul was on a mission to persecute Christians in Damascus, but he became a Christian along the way. The scripture reported, “As he (Saul) journeyed …

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