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Died: H. Eddie Fox, Who Urged Methodists to Share Their Faith

The ministry leader believed declining US churches could be revitalized by hearing Wesleyans “with a different accent.” H Eddie Fox, who hoped to renew American …

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The CRT Debate Distracts from God’s Justice

In the conflict over racial issues, “just preach the gospel” misses the gospel. I remember the World War II stories I was told as a …

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Simone Biles’s Critics Miss the Bigger Story of Bodily Abuse

Some see the Olympic gymnast as a self-serving athlete. But her withdrawal from competition is a model for how to honor rather than disdain our …

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Mexican Worship Leader Layla de la Garza on the Power of ‘Sung Theology’

Despite the lingering stereotypes, the Monterrey-based singer and minister set out to prove contemporary worship services can hold to the authority of Scripture. For Layla …

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This Land Is Your Land, Say More Churches in Canada Than in US

CRC congregations weigh land acknowledgements amid rising awareness of indigenous injustices on both sides of the border. Visitors to a suburban Toronto congregation are greeted …

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New Evidence Points to Old Motive in 1985 Church Murders

A South Georgia prosecutor is considering whether two Baptists were killed because they were Black. For 36 years, the murder of a Baptist deacon and …

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Patrons’ Saints: Christians Turn to Patreon, Substack, and Kickstarter

As more evangelical figures embrace crowdfunding, is the format demanding too much of them? To release her first contemporary Christian music album back in 2004, …

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One Solution to Social Conflict: Tell War Stories. But Tell Them Well.

The book of Samuel shows us how to reconcile our differences through redemptive storytelling. I am a missionary in Croatia, a beautiful country with a …

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Relationship podcast (Illustration) Is your relationship active or passive? Understand what a relationship is all about. Anything called a relationship must meet certain criteria. A reasonable relationship …

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Hold The Fortress; Help Is On The Way (Passage: Revelation 19) Endure the fight if you are being persecuted for your faith. It is not …

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Satan Is A Traitor and He’s Doomed for Hell Fire The scripture described Satan as a traitor who wanted to usurp the position of his master. The traitor fell from grace, and Jehovah who …

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UNLIMITED GOD – PART 1 (podcast) is limitless! Your God is unlimited! The enemies may raise their ugly heads, but that does not remove the fact that you have an …

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Relationship (podcast) is a relationship? Anything called a relationship must meet certain criteria. The term relationship is to relate, engage, accommodate, give, and accept. For any …

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Torpedo – Part 2 (podcast) A person that God has stopped using may have proven (through with his attitude) to be bigger than God. God won’t keep using a …

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August 2 – Hypocritical Behavior Has Repercussions

This present world is temporal; everything the world contains is temporal also. All the material wealth of this world are corruptible, and they will soon …

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August 1 – Love Is Essential

Love is important, and everyone responds to it. The value of love cannot be substituted for any other virtue. The scripture stated, “Many waters cannot …

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July 31 – Lack Of Repentance Has Consequence

God reminded Israelites that he would punish them for their unrepentant sins. Israelites will be punished if they persist in sin, but they will be …

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July 30 – The Help Of Holy Spirit

Paul prayed for Christians to have the spirit of unity so that they can serve God together with one mind. Paul prayed, “Now may the …

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July 29 – You Cannot Manipulate God

God was dissatisfied with his disobedient children and asked his prophet to announce the judgment that would come on them. God said to Prophet Hosea, …

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July 28 – United We Stand

Christians must understand the importance of unity and act together as one. The scripture admonished us to shun segregation, and avoid unhealthy rivalry which is …

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July 27 – Attitude Towards Servants Of God

A poor widow provided welfare for Prophet Elijah, and she became rich afterward.  The widow had initially considered that both her son and herself would …

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July 26 – Beware Of Wrong Counsel

Rehoboam followed wrong counsels and lost more than half of the massive kingdom he inherited from his father Solomon. Rehoboam rejected mature counsels from his …

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