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Supreme Court Rules Against Maine Policy Denying Christian School Aid

Update: Justices say that exempting religious schools amounts to discrimination. The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a Maine policy covering tuition for private schools but …

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Can the Church Still Enact Justice When a Pastor Sues His Accusers?

The PCA takes up the case of a church leader who responded to sexual harassment claims with a defamation lawsuit against his accusers. As the …

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Bonus Episode: A Conversation with Stephen Prothero on Culture Wars Now That ‘Roe’ Is Gone

What the overturn may mean for American society. On this special episode of The Russell Moore Show, author and professor Stephen Prothero discusses the overturn …

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They Fled Ukraine, and Ukraine Followed

Escaping Russian missiles, some exiled believers found a new sense of purpose helping refugees. It was 2:30 in the morning on February 24 when Maksym …

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Why I’m Raising My Kid In the Front Pew

The greatest gift my parents passed on was a lived-out faith. I want to do the same for my daughter. Before our daughter, Hildegaard, was …

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These Pastors Fell into Sin. Pro-Life Laws Emerged from It.

Three 19th-century scandals led to the protection of women and their unborn children. This article is the first of a four-part series based on the …

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Presbyterian Church in America Leaves National Association of Evangelicals

The PCA has been a part of the NAE since the denomination’s founding, but has always fought about it. At its annual meeting on Wednesday, …

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Goodbye Roe v. Wade: Pro-Life Evangelicals Celebrate the Ruling They’ve Waited For

Supreme Court: The landmark abortion-rights case was “egregiously wrong and on a collision course with the Constitution from the day it was decided.” Roe v. …

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Children of God Must Redeem Their Pledges (Passage: Deuteronomy 23) God required Israelites to honor and redeem their pledges before him. They must not overlook …

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We Have Much To Gain With God- Through Faith (Passage: Proverbs 24) The practice of exercising faith in God is rewarding. Indeed, it is good …

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God Will Reciprocate Your Love an Obedience God honors those who honor him. He gives chances to those who give him chances in their heart. …

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Recapture and Restoration

If lost, it can be recovered. God is well and able to recover all losses. Some beneficial things may have slipped through our hands in …

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What If It Never Ends?

What If It Never Ends? (SERMON) (Revelation 16) What lessons we’ve learned during pandemic? – People flock to churches during September 11 attack – People …

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Watch God In Action

You can’t imagine how much God can help you if you are sensitive to other people’s needs. Create a consistent relationship with God and also …

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June 26 – God Will Remain Our Sure Refuge

David experienced difficulties and cried to God for help. He understood that it is only God who has enough power to completely deliver him. David …

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June 25 – We Should Bear Good Fruits

Jesus Christ challenged his followers to preach the gospel and bear fruits for God’s kingdom; anyone who fails to bear fruits would not be rewarded …

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June 24 – God Is Merciful

God is kind; he is merciful, and he forgives sins. The psalmist evaluated God’s kindness and stated, “For as the heavens are high above the …

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June 23 – Eternal Life In Jesus

Jesus Christ reserves great rewards for people that follow him to the end. He described a fragment of the riches that he has stockpiled for …

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June 22 – Trust God

God cares for his children and he protects them from their enemies. Meanwhile, an enemy who harasses a child of God has automatically become God’s …

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June 21 – Our Guardian

Holy Spirit directed Philip to travel through a desert so that he could meet and preach to a man who was yearning to learn about …

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June 20 – Wrong Approach To Sexual Pleasure

King Solomon who once loved God and ruled his people with wisdom became obsessed with women, and they caused him to deviate from God’s path. …

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June 19 – The Gospel Cannot Be Hindered

The scripture reported how anti-gospel people persecuted Christianity with an intention of silencing the believers. However, the persecutors lost their battles and believers won! Every …

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