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PCA’s 50th Anniversary Comes During a Season of Grief

Presbyterians expect less fight and more fatigue as they gather following the Covenant shooting and the deaths of Harry Reeder and Tim Keller. In his …

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Died: Pat Robertson, Broadcast Pioneer Who Brought Christian TV to the Mainstream

With CBN, “The 700 Club,” Regent, the Christian Coalition, and a run for president, he changed evangelicals’ place in public life. Across six decades in …

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We Believe in the Power of the Gospel, Not the Gospel of Power

The Duggar documentary reminds Christians that we are the generation not of Joshua but of Jesus. This piece was adapted from Russell Moore’s newsletter. Subscribe …

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Pastors: Lead Not Your Church into Fear of AI

We can use generative apps for ministry and make our congregations aware of its dangers. As a pastor, most of my emails deal with the …

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Oklahoma Approves First Church-Run Charter School in US

Supporters see it as win for religious freedom and school choice, while opponents are gearing up to challenge its constitutionality. US courts have long wrestled …

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Most US Pastors Use Armed Congregants as Church Security

With shootings on the rise, more churches are dropping no-firearms policies and turning to gun-carriers in their flock, survey finds. Most churches have some type …

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Died: ‘The Hiding Place’ and ‘The Cross and the Switchblade’ Coauthor Elizabeth Sherrill

“She knew how to tell a story with power.” Few evangelicals know Elizabeth Sherrill’s name. But because of her, they know David Wilkerson, Brother Andrew, …

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Seafarer Ministries See Spiritual Needs in Rough Economic Waters

Merchant marines are still struggling, body and soul, after COVID-19 and supply chain disruptions. Gary Roosma can attest to the challenges of organizing a worship …

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Blog Post

Leaving Past; Starting Newly with Christ #newjourney #walkwithchrist #journeyoffaith …

An unwavering believer in God declares in the following manner:  I’m leaving the past behind to start a new walk with Christ. As I take …

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God Doesn’t Lie; God Will Bless You #nin #blessing #bless … God Will Bless You! By two immutable things, it’s impossible for God to lie… In blessing, He shall bless thee.  Expect that God will bless you …

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Get over it! – If God doesn’t exist, you are dead! #deadmeat #exist #overit …

DOES GOD EXIST? The question about whether God exists or not sometimes pops up here and there on social media and online generally.  Putting things …

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A Courageous Mind

We need a courageous mind as we journey through life Courage is a trait that is necessary for those who wish to achieve their goals …

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Primary Goal of Jesus

A Goal in Mind -Jesus cared more than you think You’re saved for a reason more important than any earthly treasure. While Jesus will bring …

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Deal with Yourself!

Self-Improvement for Success – Deal with it! Deal with yourself, and let God handle other things for you. Stop fighting ghost enemies; fight the “enemy …

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June 8 – Christians Must Be Determined To Follow God

Jesus Christ challenged his followers to stay away from their old and sinful lifestyles. He also asked them to faithfully follow him so that they …

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June 7 – Put Your Trust In God

People who wait on God will not be put to shame under whatever condition. They will also be confident in their future, and they will …

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June 6 – The Love Of Christ

Jesus Christ wept because he saw a family agonizing over Lazarus’ death. The scripture clearly printed, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35).   Lesson: Jesus Christ deeply …

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June 5 – God’s Protection Is Sure

Enemies surrounded David and wanted to attack him, but he was not defenseless. He has God to defend him, therefore he cried to God and …

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June 4 – Jesus Has The Power Of Life

Lazarus died from serious ailments and was buried, but Jesus Christ came around on the fourth day to resurrect him back to life. Jesus who …

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June 3 – The Greatness Of God’s Power for Us

A person who trusts God should not be afraid of an enemy. It must be well understood that God’s defense is impenetrable, and his power …

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June 2 – Life In Christ

Jesus Christ appreciated and recognized his followers with high honor. He said, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. …

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June 1 – We Must Draw Near To The Lord

A man or woman who fears God will enjoy his benefits; the person will receive God’s guidance and live in safety. The psalmist stated, “Who …

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