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Under Municipal Regulations, UK Abortion Clinics ‘Safe’ From Silent Prayer

Two British citizens face criminal penalties for violating buffer zones. Prayer outside abortion facilities is drawing prosecution in multiple cases across the UK. Adam Smith-Connor …

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Changing the Conversation on Climate Change

Q&A with evangelical organizer Tori Goebel on the difference 10 years makes and how a rising generation of Christians is looking for “avenues for action.” …

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‘For I Was Hungry’: The Verse Brazil’s Evangelicals Can Never Forget

Will we be remembered for our political aspirations or for feeding the famished? You’re reading the English translation of the winner of Christianity Today’s second …

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We Shudder at Abraham Sacrificing Isaac. But We Have Our Own Altars.

We may flinch at seeing the revered patriarch nearly end his own son’s life. But what do we miss when viewing this story through contemporary …

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Hagar’s Unhappiness Helps Me Parent Fragile Kids

How an enslaved Old Testament woman’s trials gave me insight into raising the “strawberry generation.” You’re reading the English translation of the winner of Christianity …

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Joseph Forgave His Estranged Brothers. So Can You?

His response to his treacherous siblings invites us to reevaluate similar relationships in our lives. You’re reading the English translation of the winner of Christianity …

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Job’s Wife Urged Him to ‘Curse God and Die.’ Caregivers Get It.

It’s not necessary to condone her exhortations to curse God. But we should seek to understand them. You’re reading the English translation of the winner …

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Read the Winners of Christianity Today’s Second Annual International Essay Contest

Wisdom, perspective, and theological understanding from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Indonesian writers. Hagar’s unhappiness helps one Indonesian father become a better parent. A Mexican …

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Blog Post

LOVE made God send Jesus Christ to save the world. Return the LOVE by… #lovediary #savetheworld #loveyou Take it or leave it; love is paramount to your life. God of love does everything with it (LOVE) in mind.  God sent His …

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Love means everything to God. God loves you. Pray for the strength to love others #meanseverything #loveothers #lovediary During our lives, we go through many situations we find hard to deal with; our patience will always be tested, we may lose hope, …

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God gives us GRACE; we must honor God with our God-given GRACE #honorgod #givegrace #grace #honor What is God-given grace? It’s the unmerited favor of God. And how can we honor God with it? By using our talents to the …

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A Courageous Mind

We need a courageous mind as we journey through life Courage is a trait that is necessary for those who wish to achieve their goals …

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Primary Goal of Jesus

A Goal in Mind -Jesus cared more than you think You’re saved for a reason more important than any earthly treasure. While Jesus will bring …

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Deal with Yourself!

Self-Improvement for Success – Deal with it! Deal with yourself, and let God handle other things for you. Stop fighting ghost enemies; fight the “enemy …

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January 30 – Complete Obedience Is Essential For God’s Blessing

Israelites disobeyed God to completely weed out all Canaanites from the land of Canaan that he has promised them. Israelites spared and accommodated some dwellers …

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January 29 – Make Heavenly Not Earthly Investment

Jesus Christ encouraged his disciples to invest their resources towards heaven in order to reap eternal benefits from God. Christ narrated a story to buttress …

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January 28 – Stay With God And Enjoy The Benefits

Joshua the servant of God recounted his experience with God after he had lived 110 years, and had witnessed his faithfulness among Israelites. Joshua had …

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January 27 – Believers Must Always Preach The True Gospel

Jesus Christ scolded the Pharisees for their hypocritical behaviors. He said “Now you Pharisees make the outside of the cup and dish clean, but your …

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January 26 – If You Honor God He Will Reward You

Joshua who led Israelites to possess the Promised Land also claimed his own personal portion from the inheritance; Israelites awarded him his well-deserved entitlement to …

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January 25 – God’s Help Is Greater

Jesus Christ taught his disciples how to pray in Luke 11:2-4; he further challenged them to apply faith with their prayers to have their expectations …

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January 24 – You Need To Play Your Part For Your Blessing To Fully Materialize

Joshua challenged some Israelites who grumbled for land insufficiency to summon the courage to depose more Canaanites and possess their lands – Afterall, God has …

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January 23 – Show Your Love To God By Loving Your Neighbor

An expert lawyer attempted to trick Jesus Christ into validating his self-righteous belief about the requirement of inheriting God’s kingdom. The man asked Jesus, “Teacher, …

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