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Evangelicals Endorse Unprecedented Ecumenical Plea for the Environment

Ahead of a UN climate summit, Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican leaders jointly promote a “Season of Creation.” In their first joint statement ever, the spiritual …

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Evangelical Colleges Join Effort to Promote Faith in the Vaccine

A campaign to educate campuses about COVID-19 vaccination shifts from persuading the hesitant to making it easier for the willing. Last week, as President Joe …

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The Afghan Immigration Crisis Is Bigger, Faster, More Traumatic. Are Ministries Ready?

Tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees are coming to the US without special status or government funding for resettlement, putting more responsibility on Christian donors …

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Beware False Teachers with Good Doctrine and Bad Ethics

Poor leaders proclaim Christ in word but deny him with their lives. Here’s what we can learn from their failures. For the past several years, …

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Dennis Hastert, Once an Evangelical Republican Leader, Settles Sex-Abuse Suit

The Wheaton alumnus allegedly stopped paying his victim. Former US House Speaker and Wheaton College alumnus Dennis Hastert has settled a lawsuit over allegedly unpaid …

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What’s True About Christian Fiction

“This Present Darkness” and other bestsellers show us the history of evangelicalism—and how it could be different. Danyell didn’t like This Present Darkness. In fact, …

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CRC Clashes Over Future of Historic Chinese American Church

Once a hub for Reformed thought and a waystation for immigrants, a New York City congregation finds itself at the center of a property dispute. …

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‘Political Evangelicals’? More Trump Supporters Adopt the Label

Surveys show evangelical identity holding steady over the last presidency, but with more complicated partisan connotations for the church. Despite tense polarization, there was no …

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The Deed of Jesus for Humanity (Passage:  Revelation 5) Humanity living in sin deserving God’s punishment of destruction has obtained special mercy through Jesus Christ. …

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Sin Irritates God; Believers Must Abstain From It (Passage: 1 Samuel 31) An outcry against sin may not be widespread in our present day, but …

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Relationship podcast (Illustration) Is your relationship active or passive? Understand what a relationship is all about. Anything called a relationship must meet certain criteria. A reasonable relationship …

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UNLIMITED GOD – PART 1 (podcast)

God is limitless! Your God is unlimited! The enemies may raise their ugly heads, but that does not remove the fact that you have an …

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Relationship (podcast)

What is a relationship? Anything called a relationship must meet certain criteria. The term relationship is to relate, engage, accommodate, give, and accept. For any …

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Torpedo – Part 2 (podcast)

A person that God has stopped using may have proven (through with his attitude) to be bigger than God. God won’t keep using a proud …

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September 21 – We Need Unwavering Faith To Walk With God

Berea Christians accurately proved the true meaning of Christianity, and they set good examples for other people to follow. The scripture reported, “These (Bereans) were …

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September 20 – God Is Fearful In Praise

God is notable for promoting justice, and his name is praised for demonstrating goodness towards humanity. The scripture analyzed, “The Lord reigns; Let the earth …

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September 18 – God Sees And Knows All

Act of wickedness is an abomination to God, and no wicked person will go unpunished. The scripture described wicked people and stated, “They slay the …

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September 17 – Steer Clear Of Self – Praise; Give God All Praise

Christians must avoid self-praise, but our glorification must be expressed in God. Since Christ is our all-in-all, we must ensure that we glorify him in …

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September 16 – The Righteous Shall Be Blessed

The promises of God stand sure on anyone that faithfully serve him. The scripture establishes this fact when it says “The righteous shall flourish like …

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September 15 – God Loves The Humble

Christians are required to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ as it is written “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ …

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September 14 – Endeavour To Spread The Gospel Always

The believers’ audacity of hope should be to live lives that declare God’s goodness. Christians’ aspiration must be similar to a psalmist that stated “I …

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September 13 – Stand Firm With Jesus

Apostle Paul admonished the saints in Philippi and said, “Only let your conduct be worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come …

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