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Chinese Christians Use Zoom for Church. The Government Is Making That Harder.

Pastors are looking to new options as technical difficulties plague their go-to video conferencing platform. On a hot night in August, Yong Shao, a small …

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Let God Take The Glory | James Taiwo

Give God due glory to see wonders. Listen to podcast 👉 Download app 👉 👉 🌎 #thejamestaiwo #biblecombo #trumpetmedia

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God Talks Through My Daughter with Down Syndrome

Adults with intellectual disabilities can have robust spiritual lives. Are we learning from them? Every Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I join a Zoom call …

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The Pink Scandal of the Evangelical Mind

The Evangelical Theological Society has its first female president. But what about intellectual life for women in the pews? The scandal of the evangelical mind …

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Blog Post

It’s time for a special Thanksgiving…  #thankstogod #findthetime #makeaplan

Let’s be thoughtful, and it’s about time for a special Thanksgiving.  Let’s think of Thanksgiving as an amazing opportunity to generously thank and appreciate God.  …

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Praise Ye The Lord… #praiseandworship #livesoul #expressgratitude Praising God should be the bedrock of our lives. Praising God should be the bedrock of our lives. Every living soul should praise God. …

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Where can I go from your presence? Better to stick with you, Lord! #bebetter #begood #presence I’m better with you Lord! One with God is a majority. I would rather say, “One with God is more than the majority,” because …

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God won’t share His Glory PODCAST… #higherpower #spiritualgrowth #achievesuccess

Bible Combo explained – Crediting God is a way to recognize his power and promotes gratitude, humility, and spiritual growth. When we achieve success in …

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Praising God should be our daily habit… #dailyhabit #praisinggod #thanksgiving #happymood

Bible Combo explained – Praising God should be our daily habit. Praising God should be our daily habit. Do this to unlock the door of …

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Be careful, God is watching!

Bible Combo explained – Choose to be different when it turns to God issues. It may look easy to do and sound easy to achieve, …

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November 30 – God Honors Those Who Faithfully Serve Him

God’s day of reckoning caught Israelites unaware. Since God had removed his protection from them due to their sins, foreign invaders were able to storm …

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November 29 – Blood Of Jesus Versus Other Bloods

A clear distinction exists between Old Testament priesthood and the priesthood of Jesus Christ. Old Testament priests were bound to periodically sacrifice animals to atone …

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November 28 – God Will Defend His Servants

Judah authority punished Jeremiah for speaking of God’s mind. They threw him into a pit with the hope of starving him to death. The scripture …

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November 27 – The Most High Priest

The high priests of the Old Testament period offered animal sacrifices to cleanse human sins, but those sacrifices were never perfect since the high priests …

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November 26 – God Will Restore Your Losses

God affirmed his promises over Israelites his children; he would favor them and restore their losses. God declared, “Thus says the Lord: ‘If My covenant …

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November 25 – The Best Is Reserved For You

God promised a new and better covenant with his children, as they reserve their trust in him. The scripture said, “…For if that first covenant …

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November 24 – God Will Not Cast Down Forever

Israelites that survived war-time will also enjoy peace of the Lord. God promised to reinstate his lost children into their heritage – with guaranteed rest …

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November 23 – About Tithes

Children of God are required to pay their tithes and offerings to God. The principle has a history that is dated to the period of …

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God Is Strong To Defend You | James Taiwo | Bible Combo -video

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Be Someone’s Answered Prayer | James Taiwo

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God won’t share His glory -video

Credit God for your achievement. Never take God for granted. God is watching! BIBLE COMBO app 👉 👉 🌎 #dailydevotion #biblecombo

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