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Let’s Praise Progress on Religious Freedom. Start with These Countries.

Four Muslim-majority nations deserve our support and engagement, as an alliance of 33 other nations finds its voice. Today the Open Doors World Watch List …

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Can a Christian Flag Fly Outside Boston’s City Hall?

The free speech question considered by the Supreme Court this week may hinge on whether the pole counts as a public forum. There are three …

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The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2022

Latest report on Christian persecution finds Nigeria has 4 in 5 martyrs, China has 3 in 5 church attacks, and Afghanistan is now worse than …

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Church Leaders Are Still Waiting for Volunteers to Come Back

Gallup survey found involvement in religious service dropped again in 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many churches and ministries to rethink how they recruit, …

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Faith Leads Doctor Back to Zimbabwe

Amid ongoing turmoil in national health system, orthopedic surgeon practices “practical Christianity.” Tongai Chitsamatanga just finished treating an 8-year-old with dislocated hips, two children with …

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Gender Questions Should Send Us to Scripture

When it comes to the topic of gender roles, it all comes down to biblical interpretation. Many questions have recently been raised about complementarianism. We …

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How to Church Shop Like the First Christians

In an age of virtual worship services, some things should stay the same. A lot has changed with respect to church service attendance since the …

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Christians Are Going Back to Church—But Maybe Not the Same One

Amid all the moves and changes of the past two years, many congregations saw turnover accelerate. Houston Northwest Church suffered heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey …

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You Ain’t Know What Obedience and Disobedience Can Bring (Passage: Jeremiah 44) It is not good to despise God because the consequence is bad. It …

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Christian Ultimate Guide To Winning (Passage: Luke 9; Ephesians 6) “Heads up!” -Jesus warned his disciples of impending danger and charged them to be prepared. …

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God’s Love Is Indescribable (Passage: Song of Solomon 8) The depth of God’s love for his children is indescribable! The kind of love that God …

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Watch God In Action

You can’t imagine how much God can help you if you are sensitive to other people’s needs. Create a consistent relationship with God and also …

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Forgiveness Is Key

The secret to your deliverance and healing may not be medication; it may be forgiveness. Forgive others, and watch the Lord performing his miracles in …

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UNLIMITED GOD – PART 2 (podcast)

No one can predict the power of an unlimited God. The closer you are to the unlimited God, the more he manifests himself. The size …

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January 19 – Our Battles Are Not Physical

Jesus Christ took his time to alert his disciples about the dangers that lied ahead of their group and warned them to be prepared. However, …

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January 18 – Holiness Is Important To Walk With God

An Israelite man called Achan led his family to sin against God, and their action led to the downfall of his entire nation. Israelites lost …

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January 17 – A Christian Must Be Disciplined

Jesus Christ emphasized the need for godly virtues and spiritual discipline as the basic requirements of God’s kingdom. Jesus said, “…If anyone desires to come …

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January 16 – Be Sensitive To Holy Spirit Receive Your Blessing

God instructed Israelites to use a rare tactic to defeat Jericho City. They must march around the fortified walls of the city for six days …

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January 15 – Exercise The Power Given To You By The Lord Jesus

Jesus Christ authorized his disciples to preach the gospel, and he backed their ministries up with signs and wonders. The scripture reported, “Then He (Jesus) …

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January 14 – Studying The Word Of God Is An Essential Weapon For Believers

God appointed Joshua as the Israelites’ leader and encouraged him to be courageous for his task. He promised to help him possess the land that …

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January 13 – Your Faith Exercise Can Change Any Situation

A woman who suffered persistent sickness for twelve years was adamant to receiving her healing, and she got it! She decided to violate Jewish tradition …

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January 12 – As A Christian, The Authority To Live Like Christ Is In You

Moses, the servant of God, wrapped-up his leadership duties among Israelites, and he bided them farewell. He counseled and prayed for the people to prosper …

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