We Have Much To Gain With God- Through Faith

(Passage: Proverbs 24)

The practice of exercising faith in God is rewarding. Indeed, it is good to have faith in God! The fact that everything may not have taken a perfect shape in our lives doesn’t mean we should reduce our level of trust in God.

No matter what comes our way, our faith must remain strong to place us above our limitations.

Faith is rewarding; it will alleviate our uncomfortable situation and elevate us to a level of complete satisfaction in God.

Consider this: Everyone wants something good from the Lord, but not everyone is willing to wait on God to fulfill his promises.

Faith is the answer!

Humans, by nature, are impatient. We want something from God, and we want it ready yesterday. Unfortunately, God doesn’t operate in haste. His thoughts and actions are quite different. But all to our benefit- If we can wait on Him.

You may ask God for something and hope that he will respond immediately; the opposite may be the case.

When God takes his time to respond to your needs, does that mean he has abandoned you? Perhaps not.

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If You Emulate Good Outcomes; Are You Ready to Play Your Part?

How often do we see people out there who seem their world is perfect? Maybe sometimes. But what comes to mind when you come across them?

Do you blame God for your unanswered prayers while he responded to others?

Rationale aside, we know God doesn’t make a mistake. The problem has to come from our end when things are not how we want them.

Indeed, we see some fellow believers who have gotten their prayers answered -God bless those people!

Should we emulate their positive outcome without getting ready to do what they did to get the results from the Lord?

As a believer, you shouldn’t find it difficult to agree that people who have gotten their answers have probably exercised their waiting period before Lord.

We don’t know how much they’ve waited, but we get to know about their success. And yes, we also want to have a similar experience. Of course, it is possible, but with our price of waiting involved!

Children of God should wait on God to get their expected results.

Let’s be clear: You should pray that God gives you the strength to patiently wait on him for the fulfillment of his promises in your life! #strength #promises #promise #life #pray

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The Bible states, “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small” (Proverbs 24:10).

While you aim for the trophy, take the courage to endure the period of waiting on God. Our God makes all things beautiful in its time. #courage #aim #waiting #forthetrophy

The period of waiting on God can be short, but it can also be lengthy.

The most important thing is that you (child of God) must exercise and master the skill of patiently waiting on God to receive your answer.

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Remember: Continue To Exercise Your Faith In GOD


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