October 27 – Believers Will Be Rewarded

God finalized his judgments over Judah and Israel after he had given them enough rope to pull. Despite all warnings, …

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October 26 – The Efficacy Of Prayer

Paul asked his fellow Christians to support him in prayers so that he could have the strength needed to keep …

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October 25 – Trust God Always

People of Judah persecuted Prophet Jeremiah for speaking out the mind of God. The abuse forced the prophet to have …

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October 24 – The End Will Soon Come

The scripture encouraged Christians to focus on the eternal joy that is awaiting them in heaven. We must focus on …

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October 23 – Be Humble

All people are nothing but breakable clay in the hands of their potter. God is the potter and we are …

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October 22 – Stand Fast In The Doctrine Of God’s Word

Paul advised Christians to stand by true faith and be careful not to get trapped with mere traditions that contribute …

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