December 5 – Always Exercise Faith

Some bible patriarchs made unpopular decisions through faith – against their society’s opinions, yet they were not ashamed. God supported …

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December 4 – God Is Incomparable

Israelites despised God’s warning not to run to Egypt for refuge; they confronted Jeremiah and claimed the Creator has failed …

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December 3 – Have Faith In God

Faith is important to humans and God. It is the connecting rod between the two. A person without faith cannot …

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December 2 – Be Willing To Turn A New Leaf

God warned the remnant of Judah who remained in their land not to seek refuge in Egypt; they would be …

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December 1 – The Important Virtues

A Christian who endures in faith unto the end will receive eternal rewards from God. It is written, “For you …

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November 30 – God Honors Those Who Faithfully Serve Him

God’s day of reckoning caught Israelites unaware. Since God had removed his protection from them due to their sins, foreign …

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