August 1 – Love Is Essential

Love is important, and everyone responds to it. The value of love cannot be substituted for any other virtue. The …

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July 31 – Lack Of Repentance Has Consequence

God reminded Israelites that he would punish them for their unrepentant sins. Israelites will be punished if they persist in …

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July 30 – The Help Of Holy Spirit

Paul prayed for Christians to have the spirit of unity so that they can serve God together with one mind. …

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July 29 – You Cannot Manipulate God

God was dissatisfied with his disobedient children and asked his prophet to announce the judgment that would come on them. …

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July 28 – United We Stand

Christians must understand the importance of unity and act together as one. The scripture admonished us to shun segregation, and …

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July 27 – Attitude Towards Servants Of God

A poor widow provided welfare for Prophet Elijah, and she became rich afterward.  The widow had initially considered that both …

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