June 20 – Wrong Approach To Sexual Pleasure

King Solomon who once loved God and ruled his people with wisdom became obsessed with women, and they caused him …

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June 19 – The Gospel Cannot Be Hindered

The scripture reported how anti-gospel people persecuted Christianity with an intention of silencing the believers. However, the persecutors lost their …

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June 18 – Success Is With God

King Solomon built a new temple and he dedicated it to God. He also gathered his people and prayed for …

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June 17 – Persecuted For The Gospel And Together

Anti-gospel people killed Stephen because of his faith in Jesus Christ. They hauled stones at the preacher until he died. …

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June 16 – Giving Our Possessions To God

King Solomon built a state-of-the-art temple for God. He used expensive materials for the project. The king also ensured that …

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June 15 – Who Takes The Glory?

Stephen reminded his Jewish audience that God sent his Son Jesus Christ to save the world so that the prophecies …

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