March 26 – Christians Are One Family

Some Christians prayed to avert a death sentence that the authority awarded Peter. They stood in the gap through ceaseless …

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March 25 – Leaders Must Fear God

The unified Israelites divided into two nations after the death of Solomon. The two nations formed are Israel and Judah, …

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March 24 – Christians Must Spread The Gospel

Some early believers were trapped in traditions and they misconceived Christianity as a religion that must be practiced within Jewish …

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March 23 – Do Not Heed Wrong Counsels

Rehoboam followed wrong counsels and lost more than half of the massive kingdom he inherited from his father Solomon. Rehoboam …

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March 22 – All The Glory Belongs To God

Every servant of God must prioritize humility so that God can be glorified, and so that people can be challenged …

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March 21 – Prayer Is The Christian Staff

David refused to rely on man’s help during a crisis but he cried to God for help, and he delivered …

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