March 4 – Vain World

Jesus Christ warned his disciples to stay focus and always be ready for the rapture. The Messiah said “But take …

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March 3 – The Judgment

David risked his life to defend his country and kill Goliath, but he was not rewarded adequately. King Saul who …

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March 2 – Enduring Temptations And Persecutions Our Source Of Solution

Jesus Christ alerted his disciples to prepare for persecution from anti-gospel people. They would suffer difficult situations for the sake …

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March 1 – God’s Protection Is Over His Children

David killed Goliath and received favor from his country fellows, but his success provoked the rage of his boss. King …

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February 28 – Believers Must Avoid Wicked People

The Pharisees and Sadducees surrounded Jesus Christ-like bees seeking every opportunity to bite their host. The religious enemies set traps …

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February 27 – Using The Authority In God’s Name

Goliath led the Philistine army to constantly harass Israelites for forty days. Goliath being huge in stature and very skilled …

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