January 19 – Our Battles Are Not Physical

Jesus Christ took his time to alert his disciples about the dangers that lied ahead of their group and warned …

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January 18 – Holiness Is Important To Walk With God

An Israelite man called Achan led his family to sin against God, and their action led to the downfall of …

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January 17 – A Christian Must Be Disciplined

Jesus Christ emphasized the need for godly virtues and spiritual discipline as the basic requirements of God’s kingdom. Jesus said, …

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January 16 – Be Sensitive To Holy Spirit Receive Your Blessing

God instructed Israelites to use a rare tactic to defeat Jericho City. They must march around the fortified walls of …

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January 15 – Exercise The Power Given To You By The Lord Jesus

Jesus Christ authorized his disciples to preach the gospel, and he backed their ministries up with signs and wonders. The …

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January 14 – Studying The Word Of God Is An Essential Weapon For Believers

God appointed Joshua as the Israelites’ leader and encouraged him to be courageous for his task. He promised to help …

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