April 17 – The Believer’s Unfeigned Love To God

God desires unconditional love from his children. He wants us to serve him without a hidden agenda. He will bless …

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April 16 – We Must Not Waste Time

Mr. Tertullus, a lawyer hired by Paul’s opponents lashed out against Paul and Christianity. He said, “We have found this …

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April 15 – A New Earth

God designed the present earth to exist temporarily. He will remove it from existence as the scripture emphasized, “I will …

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April 14 – Honoring God’s Servants

Anti gospel people planned to kill Paul in an attempt to silence his campaign, but God frustrated their efforts. The …

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April 13 – Forsake The Past

King Manasseh of Judah cared less about God, but focus on serving idols. He promoted idolatry to a great extent. …

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April 12 – Christians Are Called To Represent God

Paul intelligently defeated his opponents by referencing scriptures to support his arguments. Two organized Jewish sects (Pharisees and Sadducees) that …

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