May 1 – Jesus Has Established The Purpose Of The Gospel

Nicodemus who was a dignitary Pharisee secretly approached Jesus Christ to learn about the gospel that most Pharisees revolted against. …

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April 30 – There Is Reward For An Evil Doer

King David became complacent with God and he ran into trouble within a short time. While he ought to be …

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April 29 – Parents Must Encourage Their Children To Use Their Gifts

Mary persuaded Jesus Christ to make use of a circumstance to showcase his miracle-working power. She refused to stop until …

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April 28 – Expressing Love

King David honored Mephibosheth for the sake of the covenant that he had with his father (Jonathan). David and Jonathan …

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April 27 – Preaching The Gospel When And When Not Convenient

Andrew and his friend heard John attesting that Jesus is the Christ sent by God to save the world, and …

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April 26 – God Has The Secret To Success

Persistent prayers helped the early church to be steadfast and successful. Despite persecutions from without and divisions from within, persistent …

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