November 6 – Our Body Is The Temple Of God

The scripture laid emphasis on the main reasons why Christians should not entertain sexual sins. It is stated “Flee sexual …

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November 5 – God Created Us Specially

Human generations began from Adam and Eve; they gave birth to Cain, Abel, and Seth. Abel and Seth also procreated; …

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November 4 – God Hates Sexual Immorality

Children of God must make dedicated efforts to abstain from sexual sin since the practice irritates God. The scripture warned …

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November 3 – Praise God

Musical instruments are useful for praising God, and we should use them to his satisfaction. A psalmist challenged people to …

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November 2 – Do Not Give Up During Trials

God’s servants are sometimes misunderstood, abused, and judged; however, The Creator will reward any servant that gives all it takes …

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November 1 – God Does Wonders

God has done many unimaginable things for humanity to witness. The depth of his knowledge is rare and unsearchable. A …

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