January 4 – Timely Fulfilling Your Pledges To Receive Your Blessings

God required Israelites to honor and redeem their pledges before him. They must not overlook any pledge or consider it …

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January 3 – Jesus The Promised Emmanuel

God revealed to Prophet Isaiah a permanent solution to world crises. While people dilly-dally about God’s law, prophet Isaiah unfolded …

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January 2 – Discover Jesus’ Combat Style To Prevail Over Satan

The Pharisees were bitter critics of Jesus Christ; they used their religion as a camouflage to express their jealousy and …

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January 1 – Confidence In God

God asked Israelites to demonstrate courage and not fear their enemies during battles. They mustn’t fear their enemies even if …

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December 31 – Be Mindful Of Your Words

Bible is God’s approved guidebook that all Christians must study and follow. The scripture emphasized, “Be diligent to present yourself …

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December 30 – As A Christian You Are Fortunate

A child of God must maintain his confidence in God, and remain steadfast with his/her confession of faith in Jesus …

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