September 1 – A Leader Must Honor God

The scriptures referenced many ungodly Israelites’ leaders to King Jeroboam. Who was Jeroboam? He was a notorious Israelite king who …

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August 31 – To Satisfy God, You Need Holy Spirit

King Saul killed eighty-five priests of God for the sake of David. He also ordered the complete destruction of the …

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August 30 – There Is No Substitute For Holiness

Jesus Christ warned his disciples to stay focused and always be ready for the rapture. The Messiah said, “But take …

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August 29 – The Holy Spirit Helps Us To Please God

The Spirit of God speaks to us through scriptures. He says, “Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill …

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August 28 – Reject Wrong Teachings/Doctrines

Christians must be watchful of deceptive teachers that camouflage to exploit people for their selfish gains. Some teachers and teachings …

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August 27 – Offer Your Gift With A Pure Heart

God warned Israelites to stop the pretense and walk uprightly with him. The Creator accused Israelites of attempting to bribe …

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