Does Bible Support Global Warming?

Global warming is the result of a human-made introduction of greenhouse emission gases into the environment. The gases are rapidly increasing global temperatures, which in the absence of decisive remedial actions, it would be impossible to reverse the damage done.

The United Nations is stepping to the plate to save the planet, but in analyzing and comparing data, we certainly have a long way to go. Humans still have difficulty halting carbon emissions to the atmosphere; hence, the consistent temperature rise has indiscriminately set the earth on its path to extinction.

The impacts of global warming are apparent. Imagine you are out there in the space staring at the planet earth; you’re probably going to shake your head in pity as the breathable air level reaches its low 2.6 miles depth. You are likely to say, “There’s no much air left for those folks!”

In keeping it real about the status of our planet earth, one must admit that the depletion of oxygen rate is alarming. Earth does not have the luxury of excess air.

Our activities have steadily kept us on track to replacing the oxygen needed for surviving with carbon dioxide (which is primarily the end product of global warming).

Scientists have long recognized the impact of global warming, and have sounded an alarm. We are told the earth is “wobbling” about its orbit (The axis on which it spins in the solar system). Scientists explained the earth wobbling had left us with those factors that we consider as natural disasters – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extreme dryness, and extreme coldness.

Scientists are loud on this subject, but they are not the only voices raising a concern. The environmentalists, Christians, and other people of faith also weigh into discussing this subject. Christians, especially, are stating the situation of global warming is a sign of the end for our planet earth.

You may expect that science and the Bible would clash. Of course, they did, but both the theory and belief agree that this earth will go to extinction!

Bible does not buy into the scientists’ idea that humans will torch the earth into extinction, but they both point to the conclusion that this globe has come closer to its end

What Are The Means To The End For Our Earth Planet?

Is man the means to the end, or God?

Science has its reason, but the Bible has since predicted the current and ongoing natural disasters as a sign of the end for the planet earth.

Someone might say, “That’s global warming leading us to extinction,” but wait before you celebrate, how have Christians interpreted that?

Bible – Christians’ holy book- emphasized that, just before the return of Jesus (second coming), the earth would experience alarming natural disasters such as earthquakes, outbreaks of diseases (like Covid-19 Pandemic), people would suffer from rare famine, and other horrors (Matthew 24:3).

Lovers of our planet earth- Christians, scientists, and environmentalists may have opposing views on global warming, but in most cases, they share a common interest in saving the earth planet.

Whether faith plays into this fact or not, it is evident that irresponsible human actions will speedily make the earth un-habitable and ultimately goes extinct unless some decisive actions are taken.

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