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“And Esau said, Behold, I am at the point to die: and what profit shall birthright do to me?” Genesis 25:32.

The story of Esau in the Bible is a very sad one. In the above text, he openly disregarded the blessing of his birthright. In chapter 27 of Genesis, we see another statement from Esau. “And Esau said, “Is he not rightly named Jacob? For he has supplanted me these two times: He took away my birthright; and behold now, he hath taken away my blessing. . .” (Genesis 27:36a).

Esau exchanged his future with a morsel or pottage. He exchanged it and could no
longer recover it. Instead of blessings, indirect curses were sown into his life by his father, Isaac.

What about you? Are you not exchanging your future, destiny, prospect, career, glory etc with things of no worth? May you never lose your birthright. What is that enticing pottage that is set before you? It is dangerous. Do not take it. It is an instrument of negative exchange that will substitute God’s blessings for you with curses.

Examples of people who fell victim to such exchange are scattered through the Bible.
Esau – he lived a life of regret. Gehazi – he inherited a generational infirmity. Achan – brought sudden destruction to his generations. Judas Iscariot – his position was taken over by another. Ananias & Sapphira – their lives ended abruptly. Demas – started well but finished woefully. He lost the reward of faithfulness.

Their stories are filled with satanic exchange and regrets. May you not be counted amongst them.

🖋️ Ask yourself, what are you doing or not doing today that you may regret tomorrow?

Genesis 25:29-34; 27:30-40; 2 Timothy 4:10; 2 Kings 5:20-27.


  1. Oh Lord, I break every evil pot cooking evil pottage to exchange my blessings.
  2. I break every curse of regret in my life in the name of Jesus.

Genesis 17, Job 20, Matthew 9:18-38

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