Love means everything to God. God loves you. Pray for the strength to love others #meanseverything #loveothers #lovediary

During our lives, we go through many situations we find hard to deal with; our patience will always be tested, we may lose hope, and sometimes we may also wonder why things happen in certain situations.

This blog is about how God loves us dearly as a parent would love his (or her) child and how as followers of Christ, we should always stay faithful and true to him. We should love God and love others.

How does God love us?
God loves us unconditionally; he never leaves us in any situation and will always make way for us, even when we don’t deserve it. God is always true to his word.

Love means everything to God. Love should mean everything to us also. The recipe for love is simple. Here are some characteristics of love.

Love means everything to God. God loves you. Pray for the strength to love others#strength #mean #loves #loveyou #pray

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Love is a choice.
The subject of love should not be misunderstood. There is no pressure on love. We should not feel coerced to do so if we are truly in love. If indeed God loves you and me, we should have no problem in loving God and others.

Love can be a complicated concept.
It’s not easy to define love, and it’s not easy to tell if someone loves you. You can’t see it or touch it. It’s not tangible. Yet, love is a feeling, but it’s not just a feeling. Love is a choice.

We have to make a conscious decision to love those around us. Loving someone is not the same as being in love with that person. We can love someone we’re not dating, someone we’re not in a relationship with, and even someone we don’t know. God loves us first.

He loves us so much that he sent his Son to die for us. God is love. He is the perfect example of love. If you are God’s child, you are loved by him and can love others. When you love others, you do it because you want to, not because you feel forced.

Love means everything to God. God loves you.

Love is patient and kind.
Anyone who thinks he or she is in love should ask how far he or she can be kind to others. You cannot love at a distance, you have to come close to prove love, and this is real love.

If you think you love someone, make sure you are ready to do anything for this person and walk all the way to the end with him.

If you think you love someone, you should make it a habit to help him or her. This is true love – love without conditions. God loves us without conditions and proved it by sending his only begotten Son to die for us. God loves you, and he loves me, also. We have the mandate to love others.

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Love never gives up.
Love always trusts. Of course, this can come at a disadvantage when people want to take advantage of you. Love does not mean slavery or you have to be someone’s doormat. However, you are to go all the way in caring for others. I guess the best way to do this successfully is when you are not expecting anything in return for your love.

Loving others isn’t always easy.
There are times when loving others is downright challenging. Yet, God calls us to love

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