November 13 – Overzealous Can Be Dangerous And Deadly

King David assigned a special troop to bring God’s Ark of Covenant to a designated place of honor. However, things went wrong along the way, and God was provoked. The incident caused David to lose one of his men. It is reported,

“Then the anger of the Lord was aroused against Uzza, and He struck him because he put his hand to the ark, and he died there before God” (1 Chronicle 13:10).



We Christians ought to be careful not to be over-zealous before God. No matter how much we care, we are not allowed to meddle with God’s business uninvited. We must let God handle his own business as he pleases until he instructs us to be involved. For example, it is not our business to judge servants of God, but it is God’s personal business to do. God may not need our assistance to chastise his servants even though their errors may be obvious. God is strong enough to handle his own business, and he may or may not get us involved as he pleases.



Dear God, I want you to give me the ability to mind my own business. Do not let me meddle with your business uninvited. Help me to be sensitive enough to understand whatever activity I should be involved in and what I should not. Please enable me to obey all your commandments, so that I can receive positive rewards on earth and in heaven. For in the name of Jesus Christ I make my requests. Amen.

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