Relationship (podcast)

What is a relationship?

Anything called a relationship must meet certain criteria. The term relationship is to relate, engage, accommodate, give, and accept.

For any relationship to be healthy, it has to be maintained.

In your relationship, you are expected to engage actively. You can’t be passive and expect to have a good relationship!

In most cases, relationships fail because the people involved don’t want to accept their responsibilities.

For example, there are common mistakes that can rock any relationship:

  1. Blame shifting: Parties involved in a relationship are shifting blames.
  2. Dishonesty: When someone is not forthcoming in telling the truth. Lack of transparency ruins it all!
  3. Pride: When a relationship party feels he (or she) is more superior. (If you’re better than them, then you shouldn’t be part of them!)

As a child of God, you need to pray for your relationship to work well. Understand that you can’t fool God! You may need to first pray about your weakness before presenting the issues of other parties.

Don’t just pray for them; pray for yourself that God should help you behave well in your relationship.

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