God removed his protection from Judah because they were persistent in sin. The enemies seize the moment to evade their land and subject them into slavery. The people of Judah became slaves of King Nebuchadnezzar and the Babylonians who ruled with iron hands. The people of God terribly suffered in the hands of their captors.



God loves all people; he loves sinners, but he cannot cope with their sins. It is difficult for a sinner to receive God’s blessings without repentance. The Creator may suspend a benefit that is due a sinner until he (or she) has repented. Meanwhile, Satan can also seize any sinful moment to attack a child of God. The desperate enemy may severe an unrepentant sinner with some unprecedented circumstances. Hence, all children of God are encouraged to exercise genuine repentance when they sin. They should walk uprightly with God to enjoy his benefit of…

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