STOP- “God” is not the “Universe”… #childofgod #identity #instakids

god or universe

Let’s change our mindset from saying, “The universe will give me,” to saying, “God will give me.”

God is universal, but “God” is not the “universe.” Some will go to great lengths to avoid saying God’s name when acknowledging His power, no matter how easy it seems. This may be to be politically correct, but you have to ask yourself which side you’re on. 

Are you standing with God, acknowledging His greatness, and glorifying Him for who He is? Or are you just playing politics?

The Bible declares that those who maintain a close relationship with God will be empowered and achieve great things. Take a firm stance with God, as the rewards for doing so are boundless.

Jesus Christ’s words serve as a powerful reminder that embracing and proclaiming our faith in Him is essential. If we shy away from acknowledging Him in this life, we risk being denied by Him in the presence of God the Father in heaven. Let’s boldly stand up for our beliefs and proudly declare our allegiance to Him. Matthew 10:32.

Embrace your identity as a beloved child of God and boldly declare your inheritance in Him. 

The knowledge of God is universally recognized, even by Satan, who cannot deny His existence. Stand firm in your faith and claim your rightful place in God’s kingdom.

The Bible says Satan also believes in God’s existence, and he trembles (James 2:19).

Stop saying, “The universe will give me.” “Start saying, “God will give me.” #childofgod #identity #instakids

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Choose to take pride in the God you worship! 

Declare it with conviction, “I am a beloved child of God.”

May you thrive and prosper” in the name of Jesus! Hallelujah.

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