The Origin of Earth Planet -part 1

The Bible states that a super Being called Yahweh created the earth. This Yahweh is God. He existed before all things – Including the things seen and unseen (Genesis 1:1). 

Yahweh created the angels and spirits; he made the known and the unknown things. In short, Yahweh created the entire universe. 

Why did Yahweh Create the Earth?

As clearly impressed in Genesis, all of God’s creation was to exist for the satisfaction of one ultimate creation, MAN (and WOMAN). This ultimate creation will have the ability to influence the planet that hosts him. He will be in charge of nature. He will rule over the land, sea, and air. He will be in command of both the plants and animals. In short, humans, made in the image of God, will be more or less the gods of the earth.

Man, created by God, will serve as the governor of the planet earth. 

Why would God have a Special Interest in Humans?

It was clear during the creation that God had a special interest in Man. According to Genesis, the creation of man went through some thought processes. God wanted a replica of himself, a species that would be in control of his surroundings. In order words, as God is in control of the universe, man would be in control of his planet. 

Unlike the making of other creatures, God engaged in a manual exercise to create humans. He hand-made man from dust to resemble himself. He breathed to his nostril.

MAN came to life in resemblance to God. He shared the same attributes as his Maker also. Man has the intellect to choose at will. Man can love, invent, and reinvent from the surrounding resources.

God gave humans everything they need to be successful, but how far have we gone with that? 

Man has proven he couldn’t stand up to his task. With the intellectual ability that came with our creation, man continues to make poor choices. 

From the failure of the Garden of Eden, man continues to make one mistake after another. 

Meanwhile, God’s expectations for man were clear: 

“Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (Genesis 1:28).

How Have Humans Responded to Creation Order?

God created and entrusted humans to take charge of the planet earth, but that was a risky exercise. So instead, humans proved they would prefer to damage the earth than replenishing it. 

First of all, Man listened to Satan when he had the choice to listen to God. Man, the governor of the earth – according to the creation order, ate the forbidden fruit.

Chased out of the Eden Garden, man, tried but couldn’t make a garden replica. So instead, he chose to keep making the decisions that would destroy the planet earth.  

Man indeed needs help! We need the help of God, who put us here. Jesus said, “There’s no one good but God” (Mark 10:18, Matthew 19:17). 

That implies that no one can do a good deed; no one can make anything good outside God’s help. Thus, for example, God built the first garden; only he can rebuild and maintain it.

God gave humans everything he needed to be successful, but how far have we gone with that? #human #needto #besuccessful

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