May 28 – The Greatness Of God’s Power For Us

King David understood God well, and he was able to enjoy his benefits during his lifetime. David describe God and …

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May 27 – Satan Will Always Confront Believers

Jesus Christ performed a miracle that all people (including his critics) could not overlook. The Messiah publicly formed two eyes …

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May 26 – We Need To Depend On God

David expressed how much he became comfortable after he placed his trust in God. The man said, “I have set …

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May 25 – Jesus Christ Is Not Man

Jesus Christ taught the Pharisees some bitter truth that provoked them to rage. He said, “Your father Abraham rejoiced to …

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May 24 – God Wants Us To Repent

The Pharisees understood that Jesus Christ was a moral teacher and they also perceived him as an expected Messiah, but …

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May 23 – God Prepared Hell For The Wicked

God hates wickedness, and he will not spare wicked people from punishments. The scriptures emphasized that God will afflict the …

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