September 19 – You Must Allow The Holy Spirit’s Governance In You

Christians are required to be honest with their relationship with God, and they are also required to be good models …

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September 18 – God Sees And Knows All

Act of wickedness is an abomination to God, and no wicked person will go unpunished. The scripture described wicked people …

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September 17 – Steer Clear Of Self – Praise; Give God All Praise

Christians must avoid self-praise, but our glorification must be expressed in God. Since Christ is our all-in-all, we must ensure …

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September 16 – The Righteous Shall Be Blessed

The promises of God stand sure on anyone that faithfully serves him. The scripture establishes this fact when it says …

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September 15 – God Loves The Humble

Christians are required to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ as it is written “Let this mind be in you …

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September 14 – Endeavour To Spread The Gospel Always

The believers’ audacity of hope should be to live lives that declare God’s goodness. Christians’ aspiration must be similar to …

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