May 6 – The Water Of Life2

This article is allowed for non-commercial distribution only. Copyright © JamesTaiwo. A woman whom Jesus Christ met by a well …

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May 6 – The Water Of Life

A woman whom Jesus Christ met by a well was surprised to hear him declaring himself as the living water! …

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May 5 – Sin Is Abominable To God’s Sight

David sinned against God, and he suffered consequences for it. [God promised through Prophet Nathan that he would make David …

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May 4 – Believers Must Seek God Through Prayers

King David found himself in trouble, and he cried to God for help. The king was confident that God would …

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May 3 – You Need A Humble Spirit Do God’s Will

The Pharisees wanted to insinuate resentment between John Baptist and Jesus Christ, and they approached John with tricky questions. The …

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May 2 – God Desires Genuine Repentance

King David sinned against God, but he realized his mistakes and repented. He cried to God and said, “Have mercy …

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