November 24 – God Will Not Cast Down Forever

Israelites that survived war-time will also enjoy peace of the Lord. God promised to reinstate his lost children into their …

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November 23 – About Tithes

Children of God are required to pay their tithes and offerings to God. The principle has a history that is …

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November 22- God Will Deliver You

The nation of Babylon has oppressed Israel for a long time, but God said he has determined to stop them. …

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November 21 – Do Not Joke With Your Faith In Christ

Christians are challenged to improve their relationship with God. No Christian should be complacent with the elementary aspect of Christianity, …

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November 20 – Sin Is An Open Door To Enemy

God allowed Babylonians to subdue the nations of Israel and Judah due to their sins; however, the Creator promised to …

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November 19 – You Must Strive To Grow

The scripture challenged all Christians to fully comply with God’s laws. Believers must live consistent lifestyles with the bible, and …

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