January 22 – Continue To Exercise Your Faith In God

Caleb had his pay-day for the remarkable confidence that he demonstrated in God when others have failed. Only Caleb and …

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January 21 – Celebrate Your Right In Christ

Jesus Christ sent some 70 disciples to preach the gospel and he authorized them to make a public embarrassment of …

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January 20 – God Is On Your Side

Israelites were few in numbers and they also had limited primitive weapons to fight their enemies, but God intervened and …

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January 19 – Our Battles Are Not Physical

Jesus Christ took his time to alert his disciples about the dangers that lied ahead of their group and warned …

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January 18 – Holiness Is Important To Walk With God

An Israelite man called Achan led his family to sin against God, and their action led to the downfall of …

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January 17 – A Christian Must Be Disciplined

Jesus Christ emphasized the need for godly virtues and spiritual discipline as the basic requirements of God’s kingdom. Jesus said, …

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