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Download Gospel Praise Jazz – African Medley (by James Taiwo)
One gentleman I met in a Nigerian music studio a couple of years back challenged me to sing some gospel songs and harmonize it with my Green Beret Soprano Saxophone. “Ain’t quite ready for this” I argued, but my friend won. I stood up to his challenge; I sang and played some of my favorite gospel songs, and the result was quite nice!

My studio encounter in Nigeria led to the production of a two-track album titled “Gospel Praise Jazz – African Medley 1 & 2.”

Once I returned to the States, I formed a habit of privately playing the Gospel Praise Jazz on my devices and in the car. However, I later realized how selfish this practice could be; therefore, I concluded to declassify the songs and make them available in the public domain for everyone’s consumption!

The Gospel Praise Jazz – African Medley 1 & 2 ought to serve…

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