God Doesn’t Lie; God Will Bless You #nin #blessing #bless …


God Will Bless You!

By two immutable things, 
it’s impossible for God to lie… 
In blessing, He shall bless thee. 

Expect that God will bless you because you have chosen to be on his side
No one ever camps with Jesus and regrets it.  Anticipate receiving blessings from God as a result of your decision to stand by his side. No individual who joins forces with Jesus ever experiences regret. 

What are the typical promises of God for his children? 

– Assurance of safety and security. 
– Guarantee peace
– Solution to any problem 

God Doesn’t Lie; God Will Bless You #nin #blessing #bless

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Tags: God’s blessing, Lesson on Uphold Righteousness and God’s Reward

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