God gives us GRACE; we must honor God with our God-given GRACE #honorgod #givegrace #grace #honor


What is God-given grace? It’s the unmerited favor of God. And how can we honor God with it? By using our talents to the best of our abilities! Read more about how to make the most of your God-given grace.

God gives us GRACE. We must honor God with our God-given GRACE. God will ask how far you have utilized your talents.

God gives all talents. This blog encourages everyone to take responsibility, honor God with their God-given talents, and use them to do great things.

Imagine you can do some stuff or consider yourself someone with a unique ability to do something than others. You may think you have it all together, but you’re mistaken. You didn’t make it; God gave it to you. 

Your God-given grace is an exceptional talent- a special gift to meet a specific goal. You mustn’t be carried away thinking you own what you’ve God. God, who gave you your aptitude, will ultimately hold you accountable. He will ask how far you have utilized your talents.

Be humble and realize that you are accountable to God for how you use your special God-given grace.

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What to consider about your unique grace (talents):

Don’t think you own it; God owns it.

You are in trouble if you think of your talents or abilities as something you own. 

You see, all of us have been given gifts by God. We refer to these gifts as our “gifts in service.” As such, we take them out of the closet once in a while to show off, then put them away until the next time. However, this is not how God intended us to use our gifts. We are to use them every single day. God wants us to use our skills continuously.

Be careful how you use your talents.

We should remember that our God-given grace is meant to do something and meet a specific target. We should also not forget that every grace from God is distributed according to His own will, timing and plan. 

We cannot force God to do things our way. We should pray for discernment to recognize the God-given graces and use them wisely and effectively.

Be humble and realize that you are accountable to God for how you use your special God-given grace. #givegrace #behumble #beaccountable

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Your God-given grace must glorify God. Your God-given grace must glorify God.

A talent is an innate and unique ability to do something better than others. It is a God-given ability that is not earned but given freely. Each of us is gifted with something special. We can’t do anything as we like about our talents and abilities, but we can learn to use them in a way that honors God. 

We must be acquainted with our talents and abilities to discover how to use them to serve the Lord.

You will be accountable for your God-given grace in the end.

Grace is the favor, love, and pardon of God given to us, undeserved and unmerited. The big question is: have you been using your God-given grace, or have you been hoarding it? 

If you have been hoarding it, you are not honoring God with your grace. 

Grace is a God-given power, and it is a privilege to use. Our actions, deeds, and the fruit of our labor will be used to judge us by God one day. 

God will not ask how much grace you were given but how far

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