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Trumpet-Media-Logo_anounce-fqaTRUMPET MEDIA – FQA & TROUBLESHOOTING 

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Question 1: (Screenshots)

Question 1: How will Trumpet Media look like if I install it?
Answer 1: See some screenshots below.

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Question 2: (Installation)

Question 2: How can I install Trumpet Media?
Answer 2: Read Installation Guide below.

Trumpet Media Installation Guide

The application is provided freely through all major mobile markets. Download Trumpet Media mobile application from Apple store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore. The application is specially designed to be compatible with all major mobile platforms. Trumpet Media application has been tested to work with the following devices:

1. iPhone (all generations)
2. ipod touch
3. ipad (all generations)
4. Kindle Fire, and
5. Android mobile devices

For iphone, ipod touch, and ipad: download Trumpet Media app from the Apple Store. For Kindle Fire: download Trumpet Media app from Amazon Appstore. For Android devices: download Trumpet Media from Google Play (formally known as Market Place). Install the app to your device and you should see Trumpet Media Icon (icon) as one of the programs already installed on your device. Tap the icon and the application will open.


Question 3: (Donation)

Question 3: If Trumpet Media application is free, can I give something?
Answer 3: Yes, You are always encouraged to donate to support our gospel outreach efforts. Read donation campaign below.

Trumpet Media donation campaign

Trumpet Media application is given to you freely, but the app is costly to design and make available in the market. The contents on Trumpet Media are also expensive and valuable. Therefore, we ask that you donate to support World Outreach Evangelical Ministry, Inc. as we continue to make efforts to improve quality of life and also help people to develop growing relationship with God. Your donations are tax deductible and we will issue you receipts. Please click Paypal donate button below to make donation.

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Remember to download your free Trumpet Media mobile application to your device today. May the Almighty God continue to bless you.


Question 4: (Troubleshooting)

Question 4: App pages were blank when I opened them, how can I fix this?
Answer 4: Read application troubleshoot guide below.

Trumpet Media Applicaton Troubleshooting

    1. Push Trumpet Media “home tab” then press your device menu button, a “Sync” option will pop up. Push “Sync” to refresh the application. (If problem is not solved, go to Step #2)
    2. Restart your device. (If problem is not solved, go to Step #3)
    3. Tap your device Setting > Tap Manage applications > Tap All > Select Trumpet Media from drop down list> Push Clear data & Push Force Stop > Go back to all programs/applications > Tap Trumpet Media icon to restart the app. (If problem is not solved, go to step #4)
    4. Uninstall Trumpet Media and reinstall a fresh (free) copy from mobile market. (See Answer 2 to read installation guide).


Question 5: (Announcement)

Question 5: Can I help be part of this effort?
Answer 5: Of course yes! Read more below:

Anounce Trumpet Media

Yes you can be part of this effort by anouncing Trumpet Media app to your family and friends… Advice them to download the app to their cell phones and tablets through mobile markets.


Question 6: (Download)

Question 6: Can I download Trumpet Media app outside local market?
Answer 6: Of course yes! Read more below:

Download Trumpet Media Locally

You can download Trumpet Media application directly from our website. However, we encourage you to download free Trumpet Media app through your local mobile market! If you choose to download directly from our site, please read our Trumpet Media app Policy and Disclaimer. You may download Trumpet Media app below. Unzip the file to install on your mobile devices.

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Please give support donation

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Contact Us for Comments 

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