LOVE made God send Jesus Christ to save the world. Return the LOVE by… #lovediary #savetheworld #loveyou

Take it or leave it; love is paramount to your life. God of love does everything with it (LOVE) in mind. 

God sent His son Jesus Christ to us to save us from our sins. We are helpless sinners in need of redemption. If no one came to our rescue, we would be doomed. 

Christ, the Son of God, cares and wants to express his love to humanity by volunteering to come to our aid. Here we are with the redemption news that Christ has come to perform his duty. Christ came, and he enlightened us about what God desires from us. Not only that, but Christ also paid the penalty for our sins by willingly submitting his life. 

Christ’s death means the sacrifice of our sins; what a penalty paid! We, the people redeemed from our sins, can now come to God and boldly call God our Father! Humanity can now boldly approach the throne of grace (that is, the presence of God).

How did this happen? What miracles transformed us from dirty stinking sinners to the adoption of sonship? What gave us the privilege to call God Our Father? It’s no trick and no magic whatsoever; it’s love! God’s love brought us closer to him. 

With the gravitation effort that Christ performed on the Cross, any person who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord will automatically become a child of God.

Salvation beyond human imagination is simple. We are redeemed from sin and saved without paying a dime by simply confessing Jesus Christ as Lord.

Indeed, there are no other means given to man to be saved except through the name of Jesus Christ! Acts 4:12.

To take benefit of Christ’s free will offer of salvation, you may consider praying this important prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I confess You as my personal Lord and Savior. I believe that you are the son of God, and you have paid for my sin. I believe that I am now a child of God. Praise God forevermore, Amen!

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LOVE made God send Jesus Christ to save the world. Return the LOVE by accepting JESUS as your SAVIOR #acceptjesus #returnthelove

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