March 12 – We Must Stand Firm

Judge Pilate considered the Pharisees’ arguments against Jesus, but he could not justify any reason to condemn him to death. Pilate engaged the chief priests and said,

“You have brought this Man to me, as one who misleads the people. And indeed, having examined Him in your presence, I have found no fault in this Man concerning those things of which you accuse Him; no, neither did Herod, for I sent you back to him; and indeed nothing deserving of death has been done by Him” (Luke 23:14-15).



Satan is an enemy of righteousness and he would attempt anything to attack God’s people. The enemy would use any instrument that he can think of, and he would attempt to throw any stone available. Meanwhile, Christians must remain steadfast, and not be afraid of Satan. Nothing should make us retreat from our commitments to God; we are required to remain steadfast and keep our faith unto the end. All believers must remember that Christ has promised to earn us victory over all circumstances of life (John 16:33).



Dear Jesus Christ, please make me strong and let me keep my faith unto the end. Give me grace and power to resist oppositions and stop their advances. Anoint me to keep the flag of your gospel flying, and let me rejoice in all ramifications of life. For in the name of Jesus Christ I make my requests. Amen.

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