What If It Never Ends?

What If It Never Ends? (SERMON)

(Revelation 16)

What lessons we’ve learned during pandemic?
– People flock to churches during September 11 attack
– People cried and prayed during a pandemic

What else we’ve learned during the pandemic?
– Everyone blamed someone for the societal crisis
– Everyone looked up to the government for a solution
– All countries looked up to the developed nations for a solution

What else we’ve learned?

  • Getting vaccine
  • Investing in research
  • Empowering the CDC
    – What if the next big thing is not sickness?
    – What if something on a global scale affects technology that we have all come to cherish and heavily rely on?
    – What if the sun never sets again?

The problem with humans is that we have a short memory
– Once there’s a sense of relief, humans revert back to their previous behavior


– If we are so smart to only prepare for future diseases, can we be also smart to prepare for future unknowns?
– What if we look for a HIGHER POWER, and build a relationship with Him so that He will be available when human wisdom has failed?

When the unavoidable danger comes, only those who have reserved their trust in God will escape.

Let’s learn from the parable of the “WISE and FOOLISH VIRGINS” (Matthew 25:1-13)

Most people don’t think during peacetime, but wise people do.

  • If you consider yourself wise, have you thought of what may happen to you
    – All systems of government fail?
    – When medication stopped working?
    – When GPS stopped and all signals jammed?
    – When the sun stopped setting and utility grid overwork and pack-up?
    – Have you thought of all these things?

If you wait till later to do these things, does that signifies you’re wise?
You’d better think about these things; prepare for a rainy day by casting your trust in the Higher Power (GOD) and believe His Son, Jesus Christ.

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